MBA and MCA Courses-Approval from AICTE not Required

In a recent judgment of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in Association of Management of Private Colleges v. All India Council For Technical Education and others, (2013) 8 SCC 271 it was held as under:
“As per the definition of “technical education” under Section 2(g) of the AICTE Act and non-production of any material by AICTE to show that MBA course is not a technical course within the definition of the AICTE Act and insofar as reasons assigned for MCA course being “technical education” are concerned, the same does not hold for MBA course. Therefore, for the reasons assigned while answering the points which are framed insofar as the MCA course is concerned, the approval from AICTE is not required for obtaining permission and running MBA course by the appellant Colleges.”
It was further held as under:
“The common impugned judgment and order passed in Sadakathullah Appa College v. All India Council for Technical Education, (2004) 1 CTC 1 is hereby set aside. The civil appeals are allowed. The relief sought for in the writ petitions is granted insofar as not to seek approval from AICTE for MBA and MCA courses.”

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