Law of Prescription

Law of Prescription provides the period at the expiry of which not only the judicial remedy is barred but a substantive right is acquired or extinguished. A prescription by which a right is acquired, is called an “acquisitive prescription”. A prescription by which a right is extinguished is called “extinctive prescription”. The distinction between the two is not of much practical importance or substance. The extinction of right of one party is often the mode acquiring it by another. The right extinguished is virtually transferred to the person who claims it by prescription. Prescription implies that the thing prescribed for is the property is the property of another and that it is enjoyed adversely to that other. In this respect it must be distinguished from acquisition by mere occupation as in the case of res nullius. The acquisition in such cases does not depend upon occupation for any particular length of time. M.P. Daga v. PICUP, 2016 (118) ALR 548.

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