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Counterfeiting of Currency Notes

The crux of Sections 489-A, 489-C, 489-D and 489-E of the Indian Penal Code is to prevent the counterfeiting of currency notes or bank-notes. For the purpose of application of aforesaid Sections, the following ingredients are necessarily required and are to be strictly interpreted:
(a) To perform any part of process of counterfeiting of currency-notes or bank-notes;
(b) Possession of any forged or counterfeit currency-note or bank-note;
(c) Knowing or having reason to believe the same to be forged or counterfeit;
(d) Performing or intending with intention to use any part of the process of making, buying, selling or dispossessing any machinery, instrument or material for the purpose of being used for forging or counterfeiting any currency-note or bank-note, would be liable for punishment under the aforesaid Act. Anurag Sharma v. State of U.P., 2013 (82) ACC 128.

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