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Whistleblower – Basic Requirements

One of the basic requirements of a person being accepted as a “whistleblower” is that his primary motive for the activity should be in furtherance of public good. In other words, the activity has to be undertaken in public interest, exposing illegal activities of a public organization or authority. Every informer cannot automatically said to be a bonafide “whistleblower”. A “whistleblower” would be a person who possesses the qualities of a crusader. His honesty, integrity and motivation should leave little or no room for doubt. It is not enough that such person is from the same organization and privy to some information, not available to the general public. The primary motivation for the action of a person to be called a “whistleblower” should be to cleanse an organistaion. It should not be incidental or byproduct for an action taken for some ulterior or selfish motive. Manoj H. Mishra v. Union of India, (2013) 6 SCC 313.

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